Post Production News

Post-Production Full Steam Ahead

When I’m back in the States and sitting alone in my studio, I find blogging much more challenging than when I’m in Kenya awash in new experiences. My post-production work continues as I organize footage, log and transcribe material, and assemble scenes and sequences.

The screen grab below gives a feel for the process I’m deep into these days. On this day I was organizing and labeling some footage from the Mathare Debate which Dan shot almost a year ago. The left column contains a list of Dan’s reels with hundreds of video files from particular events, interviews, and shooting days. The larger column shows thumbnails of the video files from the Mathare Debate shoot which I view, label and import into my Final Cut Pro project. I’ve been focused on making a plan for the many hours of debate footage we shot in the various communities. This is the first step in familiarizing myself with the many, many hours of this material as I begin to assemble the “Debate” scenes in the rough cut.

Log and Capture Window – Final Cut Pro

It’s an exciting time in the process as the first rough cut grows from many hours of raw footage. Over the next few months, I hope to post more regularly and to share some short videos as I put together Peace in Our Pockets.