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First Classroom Screening at UC-Berkeley

Thanks to Professor Tetsushi Ogata at UC-Berkeley for reaching out to us for our first university screening of the rough cut. In October Professor Ogata showed the film in his class, “Conflict Resolution, Social Change and Cultures of Peace” class, an upper division course taught in the Peace and Conflict Studies Program.

UC Berkeley









Professor Ogata wrote,

“The students really appreciated the way the film shows local perspectives on what it means to work for a peacebuilding organization. The film also stimulated great discussion related to peace vs. justice issues – including whether one precedes the other and if there is a balance to be struck.” 

Professor Ogata hopes to bring the final cut of PEACE IN OUR POCKETS back to Berkeley in the Spring of 2015. And we look forward to connecting and sharing the film with professors, teachers and students at many more universities and secondary schools across the US and around the world.