Documentary Filmmaking, Production Trips to Kenya

Election Day Has Arrived!

I joined the Sisi Ni Amani office staff in the early morning hours as they began their election day work of monitoring and messaging. They’ve created a communications headquarters at a hotel in Nairobi for safety reasons and to ensure they have access to electricity. News from the field indicates that lines at polling stations are long but so far peaceful. Messages in our Twitter feed tell of people camping out all night to vote.

I’ve quickly cobbled together raw footage to illustrate Sisi Ni Amani’s team work and the complexity and importance of their peace-building efforts. Rachel, Neelam and Kevin are managing their different roles and responsibilities (including operating multiple cell phones and lap tops) at headquarters. The Sisi Coordinators are waiting in line to vote, checking in with partners, and reporting on the climate and possible tensions in various communities.

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