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Host or Sponsor a Screening

Peace in Our Pockets shares a story of hope, highlights the need for citizens and elected leaders to focus on policy rather than divisive language, and offers a powerful example of how mobile phones and old school community organizing together can unite people around their shared hopes and dreams and promote development and prevent violence. The film is now streaming on Youtube and Vimeo.

We invite university instructors and students to watch the film here via Kanopy streaming.

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UNDP Sudan Social Good Summit 20014Take Action

We invite peace and development workers, youth activists, NGOs, pro-democracy initiatives, conference organizers, policymakers, and others to use the film to:

  • start conversations about the role of mobile phones, SMS, and other technologies in peace and development work;
  • promote new ways of thinking about governance and the building blocks of peace;
  • highlight inspiring peacebuilding work at conferences and workshops;
  • raise funds for your organization.

Preview the film on Youtube and Vimeo.

Host a Screening

Host a screening of Peace in Our Pockets in your community.  In addition to the free stream of the film on Youtube and Vimeo, we have a limited number of DVDs.  Please share your screening ideas or questions. You can download our Action Guide with suggestions for planning a successful event.

Sponsor a Screening

Women's Debate in Huruma

Many small organizations in Kenya, the US, and other countries want to host screenings of Peace in Our Pockets but are needing financial and/or logistical and in-kind support to cover costs related to AV and venue rental, security, transportation, publicity, and more.  Email us if you or your organization would like to sponsor a screening.